Christian Family Life Under Threat in Norway

Church in Norway
Church in Norway


A Norwegian family has lost an appeal to regain custody of their children after the children were taken away from them due to “Christian radicalism and indoctrination.”

According to Christian Today, the Bodnariu family’s five children were taken away from them by Norway’s welfare service, the Barnevernet.

The Bodnarius are a Christian family who moved to Norway 10 years ago to start a family. Marius Bodnariu is originally from Romania and his wife, Ruth, is from Norway. The Bodnarius were part of the Philadelphia Pentecostal Church in Bucharest before they settled in Norway to raise their children.

The couple says their children were removed without warning on November 16. The Barnevernet has been accused previously of unlawfully taking away the children of immigrants and mixed families.

Marius and Ruth are currently only allowed to see their three-month-old baby twice a week for two hours. They are also allowed to see their two sons, but are not allowed to see their older daughters.

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