William Campbell-Taylor (Rev. William Taylor) “Lied and Lied and Lied and Lied” to Cover Up Blackmail and Sexual Abuse as His Complaint Against His Victim is Thrown Out

William Campbell-Taylor
William Campbell-Taylor

A City of London priest who asked a vulnerable male for a lewd act of fellatio and then tried to prosecute his victim for publicly revealing the embarrassing fact has had his complaint thrown out, after the cleric was reported by journalists who attended the Court to have “lied and lied and lied and lied”.

Rev. William Campbell-Taylor (also known by the alias “Father William Taylor”) who is also a Labour Party councilor in the London City Hall had claimed he had been caused “distress and alarm” because of the embarassment of his victim talking publicly in the British Parliament about his abuse experience at the hands of the priest. But journalists who attended to cover the Court hearings report that after multiple flaws of Campbell-Taylor’s truthfulness came to light before trial, the public prosecution service (equivalent of the DA’s office) decided to “offer no evidence” – and the charges were dismissed by the East London Magistrates Court.

In what has been claimed by groups representing victims of clergy abuse as “a victory for the free speech of survivors”, the Court while partially restraining future contact between the parties at the same time positively upheld the right to free debate in public meetings.

Campbell-Taylor, who has an openly bisexual history, denied the abuse with the vulnerable male, and rejected any suggestion that he had any close personal relationship with the victim. But the untruthfulness of the priest was demonstrated when dozens of letters from the cleric to the victim, which were submitted as evidence on the public Court record, since came to light in which Campbell-Taylor signs off messages with kisses and “love, William” and “W x” or “yr brother Muffin”. The victim writes to Campbell-Taylor challenging him about “your sexuality and past experience that has wreaked havoc in our personal relationship” and asks about the time “you said [to me] ‘How about a b**w job then?’”. In response, the priest evades the question and strangely writes back the same day “you have been on my mind today because I know it is your birthday” and “I would like to be in a position to stand in solidarity in public with you as a friend” and again signs off “love William”.

The victim further referred in witness statements on the public Court record to gifts given to him by Campbell-Taylor and emails sent by the priest to the victim which announce “I actually see you as a permanent feature of my life” and “I have various of the objects you have given me which I treasure”, as well as characteristic phrases used by the clergyman such about his having “a stirring in the loins”.

Campbell-Taylor who is married to photographer, Kristin Perers, discusses at length with his male victim his past romantic history with boys and men, and writes to his victim “I don’t see sexuality in particularly binary terms”. Another Christian witness, Tanya Dempsey née Paton, testified in writing on the Court public record about her experience of the cleric’s “secretive” and deceitful behavior with her.  She testifies in her witness statement how deliberately “William sought [the victim] out alone and they left together.”

Astonishingly, even after pressing charges, eyewitnesses record in written testimony on the Court public record how Campbell-Taylor continued to seek out the vulnerable male and make multiple direct personal approaches to him – including as recently as this month. Had the case gone to trial, the heads of Minister and Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors and two other national survivors organizations, Christian clergy and parliamentarians had been ready to testify alongside some 20 or so other defence witnesses who had come forward with their own direct experiences of Campbell-Taylor.

This follows further allegations made in writing on the public legal record of the Court by, Ian Burleigh, a former councilor from the same City of London Ward that while both he and Campbell-Taylor were serving officials of the City of London Corporation, “William Campbell-Taylor, by his own admission threatened me” and “was in a position to blackmail me.” A third councilmember who is also a priest described Campbell-Taylor’s conduct as “evil”.

Because of the precedent this sets for whistleblowers of abuse and bullying, abuse campaigner groups reported this case to the UK government’s public inquiry on abuse which is headed by the New Zealand judge, Justice Lowell Goddard. Of particular concern to activists was the influence of Campbell-Taylor as a police chaplain in pressing this legal retribution against one of his victims.

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