Donald Trump Appoints Catholic Advisers

Donald Trump has named 33 influential and conservative Catholics as new advisers. They include Joseph Cella, founder of the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast, and Sentator Rick Santorum who has twice run for President himself. Faith Whittlesey, former ambassador to Switzerland, is also on the list. Polls have shown that Hillary Clinton ranks higher than Trump in … More Donald Trump Appoints Catholic Advisers

Transgender Girl Who Identifies as Male in Football Team

A Canadian girl who identifies as a boy has become the first “transgender” player allowed on her school’s football team. Kennedy Cooley, 17, transferred to Halifax West High School after students at her previous school made her feel “unaccepted” for identifying as a boy. She had heard that Halifax West would be more accepting, but was … More Transgender Girl Who Identifies as Male in Football Team

Militant Muslims Attack Pakistani Christians

Northwestern Pakistan was struck by two separate militant attacks hours apart on Friday, when gunmen wearing suicide vests stormed a Christian colony near the town of Peshawar, killing one civilian, and a suicide bomb attack on a district court in the town of Mardan killed 12 people and wounded 54 others. Militants stormed the Christian … More Militant Muslims Attack Pakistani Christians

Egypt Restricts Christian Churches

Egyptian officials passed a law this week regarding rules for building a church, but critics are worried the law isn’t enough to protect Christians. In the past, local authorities have often blocked building permits for new churches and Christians have illegally built buildings, which have then been attacked by Muslims. Comparatively, building a mosque faces … More Egypt Restricts Christian Churches