Franklin Graham Myanmar Mission Attracts Thousands

Franklin Graham
Franklin Graham

Over 170,000 people gathered in Yangon, Myanmar, last weekend to hear leading evangelist Franklin Graham, the son of legendary evangelist the Rev. Franklin Graham, preach the Gospel at the three-night Yangon Love Joy Peace Festival where over 7,000 people made the decision to follow Christ.

The Billy Graham Evangelist Association reports that people turned out by the masses for each of the three nights of the event in the Buddhist-majority nation.

Additionally, the organization says 7,600 individuals made decisions for Christ over the course of the three-night worship event, which over 440 local churches participated in.

On Friday night, Graham preached about how one can find forgiveness in Jesus Christ and that He died to save men from their sins. As many as 46,000 people attended the revival rally on Friday and 2,500 responded to Graham’s invitation to come forward and accept Christ.

According to BGEA, Graham’s message struck a chord with a 33-year-old man who was simply driving past the convention center where the event was held when he heard Graham’s voice and decided to go in and listen.

“I am a very sinful man,” the man told BGEA. “But the pastor [Graham] said that when I prayed, my sins were forgiven. I feel free, like a burden has been released from my shoulders.”

On Saturday night, at least 52,000 people attended the event. Graham wrote on his Facebook page that on Saturday, he told of Jesus’ Parable of the Prodigal Son who left his father’s home.

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