Harriet Place

Pike’s Peak News is a media and current affairs site dedicated to getting to the truth behind the headlines, with a Christian commitment to speaking in freedom and Gospel truth. All Colorado “natives” as it’s said in Denver, Pike’s Peak blog writers are:  Lucy Brooks, BA Journalism Studies, DU, is married to Todd, and is a freelance journalist who loves to ski the bumps at Mary Jane. Tim Walters, PhD Political Science, CU is an avid rock climber and belongs to the 14ers club. Bruce Rodgers, MDiv, Iliff School of Theology, is married to Karen, and as “empty nesters”, spend their off time in Estes Park after living in Europe for many years.

Please feel free to get in touch via email at:  info@pikespeaknews.org

Pikes Peak News, Denver, CO 80203   Phone: (307) 264-3171

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